Exclusive was first established as a lowrider bike club by Jose Hernandez (REC) and Emilio Flores (Drop’em) in early 2007 in Baytown, Houston, Texas. The club started with the phrase "Quality Over Quantity", this is still all what matters to us, it doesn't matter how many members there are, it’s all about the quality! Exclusive got known in the lowrider bike scene with various top contenders like REC’s Problemas bike and Drop’ems trike. The club soon started to expand to various chapters in USA (New Jersey, California, Texas, …) and also worldwide (Australia).


In November 2007 the Belgian Chapter was opened as a Bike Club by Anthony Martinez (AMB), Emilio de Baudringhien and Kevin de Voecht. They were already building bikes since young in the early 2000’s and decided to step it up a notch. The club was officially launched at the 2007 French Besancon Lowrider Show with the club president Anthony busting out his trike Sweet Dreamz for the first time. The trike took home first place and continued taking first prices home everywhere it went. Vice President Emilio launched his bike Fatal Sunrise at the 2009 French Illzach Lowrider show and took home first place in the 2 wheeler category while Anthony took over the trike category at the same show. Exclusive Belgian Chapter was making its name all over Europe and even worldwide with their top notch and detailed bikes.


In 2008 Anthony went on the look for his first car which he dreamed for many years, a 64 Chevy Impala. He found a decent one later that year and the Belgian chapter officially started the Car Club section in May 2009. Later in 2009 the club met Allan Leenen and Jan Van Sweevelt who shared the same passion and love for lowriding. They joined the club with bikes and car projects. In 2010 and 2011 the club continued growing with new members and new rides joining and getting build. Joey Kooy from Amsterdam, Netherlands joined with his bikes and cars and Mike Van den Bosh joined with his Coupe Deville .


The club started going to more car shows now and even started organizing its own shows where all European car clubs were invited to show with Exclusive as one big lowrider family. In 2012 Exclusive also met Claudio Bellusci, a down to earth person that is always down to cruise his Impala and shared the same vision as Exclusive CC.


In 2013 Allan Leenen got promoted to Vice President of the club and Exclusive continued to bust out more and more cars on the European scene that always stand behind the club name, Exclusive!


Be on the lookout for Exclusive CC at a show near you or even on the streets. The E is known today as one of the most active lowrider clubs in Belgium.